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Quick Weight Loss Myths

Weight loss is a tricky issue. Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight can tell you that it is not easy. It can become very frustrating to see the scale not budging an inch even with a healthy diet and exercise plan. It can be very tempting to turn to fad diets that promise to quickly shed pounds fast. Celebrities are notorious for trying these quick loss diets. Even new mothers are expected to have their pre-baby bodies back before even a month has passed. For most women, this is a completely impossible image to attain. Quick weight loss may be attainable with some fad diets, but they are a bad idea for long term health.

Most fad diets have dieters eat a very limited and strange diet. Some foods are completely excluded, while others are eaten in excess. Some diets eliminate any solid foods at all. These diets can actually make it harder to lose weight in the end. Often the body will go into starvation mode when such diets are followed. This means the body will store any fat and nutrients that it can for later to preserve the overall health of the body. What this means when the diet is over is that all the weight lost is almost immediately placed back on the body. Sometimes even more weight is gained in the end. Usually most of what is lost during these fad diets is muscle mass important to the strength of the body. It is almost never a good idea to try any fad diet.

As an alternative, there are healthy choices that can be made to facilitate the overall health of the body which often includes weight loss. In general it is best to lose no more than one pound a week. This can be disheartening to someone who wishes to lose a lot of weight, but this is one of the only ways to lose weight and keep it off. Quick weight loss may occur for some people when a healthy diet is started, but usually the loss evens out after a few months. Sometimes supplements can be taken to facilitate this process.

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